100 Scrabble Tiles Letters Word Alphabet Wooden Board Game Bulk New Crafts Scrapbooking Replacement Pendant Pieces Deluxe Edition Complete Set

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Enhance Your Crafts with Scrabble Tiles Letter for Crafts
Just like in the game, these wood tiles feature individual letters of the alphabet along with their corresponding game point number. Whether you are decorating photo frames, wooden boxes, or creating unique wreaths, these wooden letters are the perfect addition to personalize your crafts. Easily spell out names or popular themes like "DOG", "CAT", "LOVE" or any other words that would be appropriate on your handcrafts.

Set Of 100 Wooden Letter Tiles
Featuring 100 tiles, this wooden letter set offers you plenty of options to choose from when spelling out names or themes. You can use individual tiles or string them together to create jewelry. Each letter can make a beautiful pendent attached to a bracelet or a necklace. String them together to make name bracelets or necklaces. Easily handled you can glue these solid wood pieces to photo frames with spectacular results.

Craft Your Own Magnets
Attach a piece of magnet to the back of each tile and get ready for some refrigerator fun! Magnets can be attached with glue or by using self-adhering magnets. Create games for your children to play right in the kitchen with you. Spell out the names of fruits and vegetables. Making these wood letter tiles into magnets can be both educational and fun! Let your children spell out their names and words of common kitchen items.

Collage Creativity
Spell out words like "Love" and "Beauty", then create a scrap book style work of collage art around them with clips from magazines, photos, and even more wooden letter tiles. Exceed the bounds of your imagination by using these wooden letters to create unique works of art.
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Product Features

Wooden Scrabble Tiles Made from real solid wood, these scrabble tiles are perfect for all of your crafting needs. These solid wood pieces easily adhere to your craft projects with wood glue. Scrap Booking Letters These scrabble letters are the perfect material for your scrap booking projects. Spell out people's names or themes with this complete set of game letters on solid wood pieces. 100 Handcraft Scrabble Pieces Create unique works of art, crafts, and more with these wooden scrabble tiles.Personalize picture frames, wedding name tags, baskets and more with these lettered tiles. You're only limited by your imagination with what you can create. Complete Game Set These scrabble tiles come in a complete game set for use with the game or for crafts and decor. Each tile features a letter and a number the same as you would find in the game. Perfect Tile Size Authentically sized, these tiles are the exact same game size at 18 x 20 mm and 4 mm thick. Easy to grab and apply to your craft projects you can create new and distinctive crafts from these wooden letter tiles.